Volunteer and Giving Opportunities

“A Bible for all in need” —that is our goal at Urban Bible Outreach and we are working tirelessly to meet that need and get Bibles into the hands of the lost, hurting, and spiritually searching in Dallas.  We are asking individuals, churches, businesses, family, friends, neighbors, and small groups, to join us in this great commission from the Lord—to reach the lost in the Dallas metroplex with God’s love through His hope-giving, life-redeeming Word.

There are a number of ways that you can volunteer to help Urban Bible Outreach.

Pack & Pray Fellowships

Approximately every couple of months our volunteers gather together in our home for a Pack & Pray Fellowship.  We inventory and sort 400-600 Bibles for anywhere from 5-10 organizations in need, pack them into boxes and have a time of prayer for God’s work to be done with these deliveries.  At the end of this fellowship time, those who feel led to leave with a box or two and deliver it at their convenience do so, thereby extending their serving time and opportunities to interact with the community in spiritual need.  This is an excellent opportunity for families to serve together, as kids are welcome to join.  It is also an excellent idea for various church ministry groups (men, women, or youth) or neighborhood groups to serve together in the Great Commission.

Bible Drives

Bible drives are a great way to engage your business colleagues, church groups, school classmates, and family in the mission of Urban Bible Outreach.  Even kids love picking out a Bible, maybe one they have enjoyed over the years, for a child in need.  These are some of the Bibles most requested of us:

  • $2.50 will buy a Spanish Bible for teaching Bible study classes to the Spanish speaking people in our cities
  • $5 will buy a children’s New Testaments for kids in financial, emotional or domestic crisis
  • $8 will buy a large print outreach Bible for ministering to the homeless in Dallas
  • $15 will buy a Study Bible for men and women working to complete a substance abuse recovery program, or women escaping from domestic violence

Financial Support

One of the best ways you can support Urban Bible Outreach is with your financial support.  If you are like us, you are receiving emails, snail mail, and phone calls on a regular basis from good-hearted people and organizations asking for donations.  And if you are like me, depending on the day, that can make you feel burdened that you cannot do more for each and every one that calls.  So, of all of those well-intentioned organizations saying that your $25 can make a difference, what makes Urban Bible Outreach different?  Why should you consider giving?

  1. As far as we can tell, there are no other organizations like Urban Bible Outreach, in Dallas and possibly the nation.  We are unique.  We operate in our local, urban setting, supplying Bibles to organizations that would, in many cases, go without.  And the spiritually hungry might otherwise starve.
  2. With every Bible need we supply, we free up our partner organization’s resources to continue to meet the vital physical needs they provide.  They are on the front lines feeding, clothing, and sheltering some of the most vulnerable in our cities.  But we do not want to see the spiritual need go unmet at these critical times.  We help these organizations keep their donations for the physical needs and we ask our donors to come alongside to support them spiritually with Bibles from UBO.
  3. Your donation has a kingdom purpose.  In John 6:35 says, Jesus says, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.”  Jesus, and only Jesus, can fill their soul’s hunger and quench their thirst–and that’s good for eternity!