Outreach News

  • The Other Life

    The Other Life By Joshua Woodmansee Two days ago I went with my mom and a few other friends to an event called the “Compassion Experience.” It was a large tent that stood beside First Baptist Allen. We walked in and understood what this was. There was a set up to experience what the life Continue Reading

  • Lost, But Then Found By Jesus

    By Joshua Woodmansee I went to the Voice of the Martyrs Conference yesterday and I heard a story about a Muslim and her Muslim mother that changed the way I view things. Here it is. It was one sunny morning in Iran when Padina, a Muslim girl, was praying to Allah. She loved her religion. Continue Reading

  • GOD Works, Not Good Works

    How many times have you heard it said that if someone is good enough, then they will have entrance into heaven?  How many times have you said it yourself?  ”I have to go to church this Sunday,” as if your salvation depends on it.  ”If I follow the Golden Rule and show kindness to enough Continue Reading

  • The Boy Who Saved Starfish

    The Boy who saved Starfish by Joshua Woodmansee I remember my mom reading a story to me that really made an impression on me.  This is my own retelling of it with a twist. Once upon a time, there was a boy scurrying along the shore of a beach, picking up starfish that were washed Continue Reading

  • God’s Lost Sheep

    Written by Joshua Woodmansee, my almost 11-year-old son We’ll go on with life, but us Christians are too caught up. “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few” (Matthew 9:37).  The people that need to be saved is great, but the people to save them are little.  This verse hit me. . .hard.  We Continue Reading