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  • The Boy Who Saved Starfish

    The Boy who saved Starfish by Joshua Woodmansee I remember my mom reading a story to me that really made an impression on me.  This is my own retelling of it with a twist. Once upon a time, there was a boy scurrying along the shore of a beach, picking up starfish that were washed Continue Reading

  • The Storm

    This is a guest blog written by our 10-year old son, Joshua, who loves creative writing, sharing the gospel, and delivering Bibles with Mom and Dad! It was Friday. On that day we had a huge concert to go to. The concert was in Grand Prairie, TX. We heard that there was a huge storm coming but Continue Reading

  • Bibles Through the Roof!

    (This month’s blog is written by UBO’s most faithful and my favorite volunteer, my son, Joshua! He came to me and wanted to guest blog and I never hesitated in saying “Yes!”  Enjoy a child’s perspective, minimally edited!) Urban Bible Outreach is a ministry that hands out bibles to people who are in need of Continue Reading

  • Underground

    It was a humid, Wednesday morning.  I sat at the table outside Starbucks with my 11:00 a.m. appointment, a young missionary to South Dallas’ homeless and despondent.  Like all the others I have had the pleasure of meeting thus far in the ministry, I saw that she was on fire for the Lord with a Continue Reading

  • Artists for Urban Bible Outreach!

    Urban Bible Outreach has some great supporters!  One of those treasured friends is artist Michelle Pierce, a talented woman who loves God and also wants to give back to her community with a portion of the profits from her artwork.  She has just opened a shop on to showcase her photography. She has selected Continue Reading

  • It is a Lot

    Attached to a $25 donation given to Urban Bible Outreach this past month was a note saying, “I know it’s not a lot, but. . .”.  I smiled.  My face beams when someone who catches the vision and heart of our ministry wants to do more and yet feels like their contribution may not make Continue Reading