Ministry Overview

We take the Great Commission, to “go and make disciples of all nations,” very seriously (Matthew 28:19). One vital way to do that is to place a Bible in the hands of all in need, and allow God to plant seeds through His powerful Word. May it be a lamp to the feet and light to the path of all who read it (Psalm 119:105).

Everywhere we go, we find people in need of a Bible. Our goal is “A Bible for all in need,” and as we looked at many of the local organizations in our area, we were struck with feedback that many of these ministries that seek to teach, encourage, witness to, and disciple those they help, do not have a consistent supply of Bibles. We also were surprised at how many non-faith-based organizations were willing to have Bibles on hand to offer to their seeking clients—we saw an opening there. We exist to help those ministries and organizations with that shortage.

There are hundreds of thousands of unreached people here in our own communities and surrounding cities. Our prayer is that we can support local ministries by supplying them with the Word of God . . . the Truth . . . and then give God the glory for the physical as well as spiritual needs He meets in Dallas and the surrounding cities.

We serve organizations that help the poor, homeless, addicted, abused, hungry, physically needy, and spiritually seeking.

Ministry History

What began as a hobby of collecting Christian living books to give as gifts of encouragement to friends and family soon became the seed to something more. As we contacted various organizations and ministries to determine who could benefit from this library, we uncovered a need for the ultimate book, the Word of God, among these same organizations, many of whom teach, encourage, and disciple those they help, but do not have a consistent supply of Bibles. The idea for Urban Bible Outreach was born.

God clearly planted the idea for this ministry in our hearts. We certainly were not looking for it, but nevertheless, God took this seed, watered it, and now it has grown into something that meets a desperate need in the city of Dallas.