It's Christmastime!

It's Christmas Time

by Joshua Woodmansee

Tis the season to be jolly! Is it Christmas time already? The year has flown by so fast! It is always so busy this time of year with shopping on Black Friday and Christmas shopping, It can just get a little overwhelming. Unfortunately, many have lost the real meaning of Christmas. Lets look back at what Christmas really was.

Two-thousand years ago on a cold night in Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph were trudging along with their tired donkey nearing the soft light coming from the inn. Mary and Joseph needed somewhere to stay for the night because it was very late and they were very tired after their long journey. Joseph left Mary by the donkey as he went to the inn to find a room but the man that was there said there were none available. He said that there was an unused stable down the road with barn animals that still inhabited it. Joseph, although disappointed, had a little hope spark up in his heart. What choice did they have? He accepted the offer and took Mary down to the stable barn. Mary was quite pregnant and was ready to give birth to the King of the world. Later that night, Baby Jesus was born! What an amazing moment! Soon after, the shepherds in the field saw a vision of heavenly beings calling glory to Jesus. Also, 3 wise men heard of Him and saw the star that hung over Bethlehem where Jesus stayed! This time was full of hope, for this future king would bring peace on earth and healing. The 3 wise men arrived and brought the child gold, frankincense, and myrrh and that is where Christmas was born. What a great story! Christmas is a wonderful time of giving and receiving, also remembering about baby Jesus in the manger. I once saw this picture online about something that reminded me of this sort of giving season. It said,

“I need

To be Better

To be Happy

To be Well

To be Richer

To be popular


I think that is just a great thing that we must remember any time we feel like we need something better. . .or other than Jesus.

This Christmas we have an event that is a SUPER crazy cool Christmas party for Jesus thrown by Operation Care International that we are helping with and they are expecting up to 20,000 guests! We would love the PRAYER. We would love the SUPPORT. We would love the DONATIONS. And we would be happy to wish everyone an amazing and loving


Thank you all for the support and prayers! And remember: JESUS IS ALL YOU NEED!



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